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Delivery of QDF-600 complete set of Jet mill system – add impetus to the development of graphene industry!

The air is crisp, the National Day is drawing near, a customized jet mill system QDF – 600 is in delivery., which is used in the industries of graphene airflow crushing equipment, the application of this set of equipment will help the graphene powder to the fineness of micro-nano further, for this kind of materials with a wider range of functions and applications, improve more space for the development of other related industries, science and technology is the first productivity, the development of science and technology rapidly influence the development of global economy, also bring the people 's life upside down, the development and application of base material is the basis for the development of science and technology, strong companies will continue to do our best in the future, to provide power for the foundation of materials to the direction of micro and nano development, to lay a solid foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! (The following picture is the actual picture of delivery)

Post time: Dec-21-2020