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Year 2020 is the witness of history, the new crown epidemic raged all over the world, the United States foreign trade policy is changeable, the world's economic development has been a huge influence, the world's major economy is negative, the annual growth rate of China may be the only positive of major economies.because of this, Qiangdi Company always do their best for epidemic prevention and control ,at the same time, to improve productivity, to overcome the negative influence of changes of  labor force cost, materials, exchange rate, shipping cost, etc, to ensure timely completion of orders at home and abroad and the delivery.

Hard work always pays off, What Goes around Comes around.

Qiangdi Company keep sustainable production, delivery and service ,finally won the domestic and international customer recognition and more deals, while the exchange rate and shipping changes make our cost increase a lot, but we stick to the good faith and contract spirit, scheduled production, quality inspection, packaging and delivery on time. when customer need, on the premise of good epidemic prevention ,we timely sent engineers for after-sales service, thorough prevention work is responsible for both sides as the premise).

Post time: Dec-21-2020