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PVDF airflow crushing production line exported to India!

In the past two years, with the formulation and implementation of carbon neutral and carbon peak policies, the development of the green energy industry has reached a climax. The manufacturers of related materials and equipment are also soaring, especially the companies related to lithium battery raw materials. The news about the construction and production of new projects keeps rising. PVDF manufacturers in the fluorine chemical industry also made a lot of profits due to the shortage of products and soaring prices. PVDF’s new production lines have also been launched one after another. Most of the airflow crushing production lines of manufacturers are provided by our company, including domestic mainstream manufacturers and some foreign manufacturers. From January to November this year, PVDF production lines alone have delivered six QDF-800 production lines and one QDF-600 production line.

India GFL Company ordered the first QDF-800 airflow crushing production line from our Qiangdi Company in 2017. This year, it has ordered two improved automatic QDF-800 airflow crushing production lines. The following is the flow chart of the third production line and the live picture of equipment delivery.


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Post time: Nov-22-2022