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Shipment of large-scale agricultural wettable powder and granule production line equipment (Egyptian customers)

Customer Name: International Company for Chemical Industries


Customer requirements: 1. Continuous and automatic pesticide production line, which can produce WP and WDG products.


Design model: QDF-800-WP&WDG, design capacity: 1000kg/h


      2. Laboratory powder and granule production line.


Design model: QDB -100-WP&WDG, design capacity: 1~10kg/h


  Qiandi company has a number of technical development engineers with more than 20 years of work experience. It has mature technical experience in large enterprises and the flexibility of private enterprises in cost management, technological innovation, production delivery time and after-sales service. We will be committed to the development and production of professional jet mills, jet classifiers and other micro-nano powder equipment. We will be very enthusiastic to listen to the voice of customers and provide you with the best solution to the problem.


  Main products: fluidized bed jet mill, laboratory jet mill, jet mill that meets GMP/FDA requirements, jet mill for high hardness materials, jet mill for electronic\battery materials, nitrogen protection pulverization system, environmental protection Type pulverizing and mixing system (WP), environment-friendly pulverizing and mixing system (WDG), disc type jet mill (supersonic/flat type), micron classifier


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Post time: Jun-14-2023