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Special Use Of Fluidized-bed Jet Mill In High Hardness Materials

Short Description:

The Fluidized-bed Jet mill is actually such a device that using the high speed air flow to perform the dry-type superfine pulverizing. Driven by compressed air, raw material is accelerated to the crossing of four nozzles to be impacted and grinded by upward flowing air to the grinding zone

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Product Description

Use special material in parts of contact products to satisfy different hardness products’ grinding requirement.

● Ceramic  or SiO or Carborundum classifier wheel to fit for different hardness products whose hardness is higher than steel.

●  Pasting ceramic sheet on the inner wall of Jet mill.

● Pasting PU or ceramics to cyclone separator and dust collector.


Operational Principle

The jet mill grinding system consists jet mill, cyclone, bag filter and draft fan. Filtrated, desiccated and compressed air is ejected into the grinding chamber through air nozzle, the material is crushed each other at the joint of  four high-pressure jet air flow and finally pulverized. Then, the material will be classified into different sizes under the centrifugal force and centripetal force. Qualified fine particles is collected by the cyclone and bag filter, while oversize particles will be returned to the grinding chamber for regrinding.

Notes: Compressed air consumption from 2 m3/min up to 40 m3/min. Production capacity depend on specific characters of your material, and can be tested in our test stations. Data of production capacity and product fineness in this sheet are just for your reference. Different materials have different characteristics, and then one model of jet mill will give different production performance for different material. Please contact me for tailored technical proposal or trials with your material.


1.Precision ceramic coatings, flexible anti-wear lining from material classification process to assure the purity of the products. Especially suitable for high hardness products,such as WC,SiC,SiN,SiO and so on.

2. No rise in temperature: The temperature will not increase as the materials are pulverized under the working conditions of pneumatic expansion and the temperature in the milling cavity is kept normal.

3.Endurance: Ceramic  or SiO or Carborundum lining Applied to materials with Mohs Hardness Grade 5~9. the milling effect only involves the impact and collision among the grains rather than the collision with the wall . ensuring non-contact with metal throughout the grinding for high purity of the final.

4. Speed of wheel is controlled by converter, particle size can be adjusted freely. The classifying wheel separates the material automatically with airflow to control efficiently the fineness of  finished products.Ultrafine powder product is stable and reliable.

Flow Chart Of Fluidized-bed Jet Mill

The flow chart is standard milling processing,and can be adjusted for customers.


PLC Control system

The system adopts intelligent touch screen control, easy operation and accurate control.


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