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The Power of Airflow: Jet Mill Grinds Hard Materials with Unmatched Efficiency

In the realm of material processing, Kunshan Qiangdi Grinding Equipment Co., Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation with its High Hardness Materials Jet Mill. This cutting-edge equipment is engineered to perform dry-type superfine pulverizing using high-speed airflow, setting a new standard in the industry.

The Fluidized-Bed Jet Mill: A Synthesis of Speed and Precision

At the heart of the High Hardness Materials Jet Mill is the fluidized-bed mechanism, which utilizes compressed air to accelerate raw materials to the crossing of four nozzles. Here, materials are impacted and ground by upward flowing air, entering a grinding zone where precision meets efficiency. Influenced by centrifugal force and airflow, particles are separated and collected based on size—the larger the particle, the stronger the centrifugal force exerted upon it. Fine particles that meet the size requirement enter the grading wheel, flow into the cyclone separator, and are collected, while others return to the milling chamber for further processing.

Tailored Performance for Diverse Materials

Understanding that different materials possess unique characteristics, the High Hardness Materials Jet Mill’s performance varies accordingly. With compressed air consumption ranging from 2 m³/min up to 40 m³/min, the production capacity is contingent upon the specific properties of the material being processed. Kunshan Qiangdi offers testing at their test stations to determine the optimal production capacity and product fineness, ensuring a tailored approach for each client’s needs.

Key Advantages of the High Hardness Materials Jet Mill:

1. Precision Ceramic Coatings: The jet mill boasts precision ceramic coatings that eliminate iron pollution during the material classification process, assuring the purity of the final product. This feature is particularly beneficial for electronic materials with stringent iron content requirements, such as various battery cathode materials.

2. Temperature Control: The jet mill operates without a rise in temperature, maintaining a normal temperature within the milling cavity. This is crucial for materials sensitive to heat, ensuring their properties remain unaltered during processing.

3. Endurance: Designed to handle materials with a Mohs Hardness below Grade 9, the jet mill’s milling effect is confined to the impact and collision among grains, sparing the equipment walls from wear and tear and extending its service life.


Kunshan Qiangdi Grinding Equipment Co., Ltd’s High Hardness Materials Jet Mill is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. With its ability to ensure product purity, maintain temperature stability, and offer enduring performance, the jet mill is an indispensable tool for industries requiring precise material processing. For a tailored technical proposal or trials with specific materials, Kunshan Qiangdi invites potential clients to reach out and experience the unparalleled capabilities of their High Hardness Materials Jet Mill.

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High Hardness Materials Jet Mill

Post time: Jun-03-2024