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  • Popular Type Disc Type Jet Mill

    Popular Type Disc Type Jet Mill

    Disc type(Ultrasonic/Pancake)Jet Mill. The Operating Principle: Driven by compressed air through feeding injectors,raw material is accelerated to ultrasonic speed and injected into milling chamber in tangential direction, collided and grinded into particle.
  • Jet Micron Grader For Sorting

    Jet Micron Grader For Sorting

    The turbine grader, as a forced centrifugal grader with secondary air entry and horizontal grading rotator is composed of grading rotator, guide vane rectifier and screw feeder.
  • Components For Jet Mil

    Components For Jet Mil

    1.the bearing outside, prevent the material from entering inside, then jam. 2.valve and valve core are casting parts, no deformation after long term use. 3.CNC process ensures good precision.